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LEADS Lite Webinar Series

Through the Canadian College of Health Leaders, LEADS Canada is pleased to offer an online introduction to the LEADS framework through five customized ninety-minute webinars over multiple weeks.



Practical leadership development The LEADS webinar series is designed to be a hands-on practical introduction to the 5 domains of the LEADS leadership model. It is designed to be a stand-alone offering that requires no previous knowledge or exposure to LEADS. It also supports further growth and exploration for those who may have taken, or are anticipating taking the LEADS Learning Series. 
Customized The program is designed around the 5 LEADS domains (Lead Self, Engage Others, Achieve Results, Develop Coalitions, Systems Transformation). The content is customized to allow participants to learn and apply aspects of the various domains that are immediately and directly applicable to their work environments. The customization is enabled through conversations and focus groups prior to the program delivery.
Collaborative approach - Each webinar will cover the pertinent content for the respective domain through a combination of teaching and interaction with the group. The participants will create an action plan to take away and execute between the webinars and will have the support of a learning partner(s) to call on as they do so. Each webinar will start with a check in on how things have gone relative to the action plans.
Applicability - By the end of the program, participants will have an understanding of the LEADS domains and experience in practical application of their learnings in their real-world environments.

Please contact us for more information on how your organization can benefit from this webinar series.