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The LEADS in a Caring Environment leadership capabilities framework (LEADS) is quickly being adopted by health care organizations across Canada. This uptake is unique in the world and unprecedented in health care. The possibilities stemming from creating a common leadership language, sharing a vision for system transformation and encouraging leading behaviours regardless of job title are building an exciting momentum for the LEADS community.


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“Lasting improvement does not take place by pronouncements or official programs. Change takes place slowly inside each of us and by the choices we think through in quiet wakeful moments lying in bed just before dawn.”

Peter Block
The Empowered Leader





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Brenda Lammi

Director, LEADS Canada
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Tracy Wightman
Manager, LEADS Learning and Development Programs
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Lynne Marleau
Manager, LEADS Canada Systems, Communications and Engagement
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Kate Lawrie
Administrative Coordinator, LEADS 360 Support
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Valerie Delrue
Program Coordinator, LEADS Canada
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